Friday, January 18, 2019

Detroit Manufacturing Promotional Poster Contest

Detroiters are invited to submit slogans, images & designs for our 2019 souvenir poster. This contest is sponsored by revenue from last year’s promotional fundraising. Proceeds from this year’s 2019 souvenir poster sells will continue to support introductions to manufacturing in Detroit.

The two posters above are the first numbered posters to be released. And they will also serve as a ticket for our monthly raffle. On the first Friday of each month a winner will receive a $100 bill starting 2/2/2019-2/1st fri/2020.

This special edition poster titled "Global Us" is a collaborative effort by the design team. A launch event will be scheduled for March 2019. This collector item poster is expected to raise 50K to mentor and connect advocacy through 1st party claims and experiences. The poster will be posted here starting in April of 2019.

As part of our celebration of activism we giveaway an education-focused poster, every other month. We select a different 11X17 poster to distribute each time. This time we are featuring our "Canadians of African Descent in hockey based activism poster. You can request your free poster starting Feburary 1, 2019 call 313 742-6018 or email

$2.6K was raised by "Detroit Pop-Up Buy & Sell Event #2. The funds will support no-cost networking Advocacy Assistance memberships.

The 2nd edition of the Financial Literacy Based Activism poster will be on sale starting January 1, 2019. Proceeds from sells will support financial literacy education for disadvantaged Black children.

135 of the 1000 official "Animals In Therapy Based Activism" posters have been sold. To purchase this poster send a $10 check or money order to Accountability Counts P.O. Box: 35419 Detroit, MI 48235. (include your return mail address and poster title). A limited number of free posters for children are available at Wise Automotive Service 10400 W. 7-Mile Rd. in Detroit.

Eric Anthony stopped by to promote the “After Prison Re-Entry Assistance Based Activism” poster. Sales have raised funds to support prosecutorial misconduct awareness day for the 4th time. And the team is currently raising funds to collect and use 1st party claims of returnung citizens for better advocacy. Eric knows the importance of these efforts because he has the first party experience of 22 years behind bars. Eric has also been a victim of prosecutorial misconduct.

The “Transportation For People Based Activism” poster was the first 11X17 1st-edition poster to sale over 1K copies in 90-days. And this is the only poster that originated from a fundraising button. Currently there is still fundraising campaigns that use this poster for fundraising.

11-22-2018 Post
“Anti Graffiti Vandalism Based Activism” poster reaches 500 official copies sold in metro Detroit.

11-22-2018 Post
CTSTS Table-Top Pop-Up Fundraising Poster Selling  Starts!

11-22-2018 Post
CTSTS Activism Poster Show & Sale #6 supported advocacy to reduce illegal dumping in metro-Detriot in 2018. The poster sells raised $2.2K. A new poster will be released in 2019. 

11-13-2018 Post
CTSTS Activism Poster Show & Sale #5 is for continued support of networking and advocacy assistance services. More than 40K posters have been distributed for sale, and the projected funds to be raised are 400K.

11-12-2018 Post
CTSTS Activism Poster Show & Sale #4 supports clean shorelines through ocean phosphorous & acidity awareness education in California.

11-9-2018 Post
CTSTS Activism Poster Show & Sale #3 will also launch our first in home "Get Out The Vote" fundraiser in Detroit for Detroit.

11-5-2018 Post
CTSTS Activism Poster Show & Sale #2 sold out in 6-days and set our 1st record for funds raised from advance ticket sales, $5K. We raised $1.05K from direct poster sells and $.07K from simultaneous online sales.

10-22-2018 Post
From the CTSTS Activism Poster Show & Sale #1 We raised $2.5K from the at event poster sells and $4K from simultaneous online sales. It was the first show and sale of its kind for supporting new and old activism. CEO Supports CTSTS Posters

Our posters inspire, educate and celebrate individual and group activism.  All official posters have our licensed service mark and are certified for buying, selling and trading. 

You can support the activism of your choice when you purchase unframed and framed copies of official posters. Starting at $10 the posters are shipped globally.For more information and personal assistance email: We accept most forms of payment and offer most forms of delivery. You can contact us at or 313 742-6018. By mail: Accountability Counts 
P.O. Box 35419 Detroit, Michigan 48235

Thank you for your interest in our posters!

What's your type of activism?
Official C.T.S.T.S. Posters For Fundraising

"Resale Not Retail Based Activism"

"Water Affordability Based Activism"

"Anti Graffiti Vandalism Based Activism"

"Anti-Human Trafficking Based Activism"

"Civil Rights Based Activism"

"Assistance For Foster Children Based Activism"

"Anti-Police Brutality Baseed Activism"

"Animals In Therapy Based Activism"

"Anti-Domestic Violence Based Activism"

"IT Workers & Technology In Advocacy For People Based Activism"

"Computer Driven Transportation For People Based Activism"

"Individual Input Collection Based Activism"

"Emoji Art Making Based Activism"

"Overdose Prevention based activism"

" Networking Based Activism"

"Suicide Prevention Based Activism"

"Witnessing Jehovah Based Activism"

"Better Advocacy For The Average Person Based Activism"

"Volunteer Recruiting Based Activism"

"Orphaned Children Assistance Based Activism"

"Promoting Dance Is Life Based Activism"

"Veteran Services Based Activism"

"Child Safety Based Activism"

"Early Intervention & Awareness Based Activism"

"Get Out The Vote Based Activism"

"Animal Care Promotion Based Activism"

"After Prison Re-Entry Assistance Based Activism"

"Senior Citizen Based Activism"

"Pro-Whistleblower Based Activism"

"Detroit Rap Artist Promotion Based Activism"

"Financial Literacy Based Activism"

"Transportation For People Based Activism"

"Reasoning Christian Scriptures Based Activism"

"Eye Care Based-Activism & Volunteerism"

"Truth Based Activism"

"Food Distribution Based Activism"

"Public SAfety Based Activism"

"LGBTQ Rights Based Activism"

"Eat & Drink Healthier Based-Activism"

"African Origins In Ice Hockey Awareness-Based Activism"

"Learning From Individual Claims Based Activism"

"Buy In Detroit-Based Activism"

"California Shoreline Preservation-Based Activism & Volunteerism"

"Clean Water Based-Activism & Volunteerism"

"Anti-Illegal Dumping Based Activism"

"I Speak Through Volunteerism & Activism Based Activism"

Signature Poster Sets By CTSTS

"Mrs Smith's 9-Piece Poster Set"

"The VTA 101 Edu-Poster Set Pt.1"